Safe food, neighbourhood sharing

Artist Residency- San W Studio/ Gallery
Shanghai / 2017

Eating is one of the natural ways to explore a new country. After arriving in China chopsticks were the first ‘tool’ of mediation between me and a new reality. These utensils became my keys for new flavours and for a new culture.
I am fascinated by the symbolic meaning as well as the aesthetic and intrinsic qualities of chopsticks.
By cutting up, interlacing, imprinting I transformed one the most common objects used to create structures that became wearable pieces inspired by my new surroundings. The work is my intuitive analysis of China and its flavours, a very fast digestion of all the visual inputs that I got during this stay.
This body of work consists of 157 pairs of disposable chopsticks.
I collected the chopsticks that came with every take- away meal and asked the staff of the gallery to use chopsticks which were made to be washed and reused after meals.

Safe food, neighbourhood sharing 1
Disposable chopsticks, Chinese silk.
170 x 30 cm
Photo by: Zoe Zeng

Safe food, neighbourhood sharing 2
Disposable chopsticks
65 x 20 cm
Photo by: Zoe Zeng

Safe food, neighbourhood sharing 3
Chopsticks imprint on fine silver and gold plating.
6 x 6 cm average
Photo by: Zoe Zeng